About us

Birding Ria de Aveiro - Portugal is a brand of Natur Travel, which offers a birding experience, enjoying the local nature of the Ria de Aveiro region in Portugal.


Who we are?

Our team is made up of ornithologists, naturalists and experienced environmental educators with years of work and local knowledge.

Where are we?

The Natur Travel headquarter is in Aveiro, Portugal, and operates in the region of Ria de Aveiro (coastal region in centre Portugal) and in the Douro Valley region (inland centre and northern Portugal). The sites visited range from protected areas, nature reserves to IBAS.

What we do?
  • Bird watching
  • Eco-tourism
  • Guided tours with interpretation of natural heritage

The team wants to ensure that you – individuals, couples, families or groups – have the best birding holidays possible, providing you with all the information and services and all that might be required for you to enjoy our birdlife, nature, gastronomy and people! All our trips have a maximum capacity of 8 people, to don’t disturb the animals and nature.

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