Descripción general

La Laguna «Ria de Aveiro» es una de las zonas húmedas más importantes de Portugal, donde podemos encontrar, en promedio, más de 70 especies de aves por día.
Desde la costa atlántica, a través de las dunas, marismas y juncos hasta los primeros bosques se descubren diferentes hábitats con una rica y variada avifauna que merece la atención de quienes visitan la zona.
La Laguna es una Reserva Ecológica Nacional y tiene el estatus de IBA (Área Importante de Aves), proporcionando las mejores condiciones para la práctica de la observación de aves.
Organizamos Tours de ½ Día (Mañana 08: 30h-12: 30h) y 1 Día (08: 30h-18: 00h) con o sin excursión en barco, saliendo de Aveiro a pie o en coche por senderos según las mareas.

Posibles aves

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Exoticas naturalizadas: Tejedor amarillo y Obispo coronigualdo

Póngase en contacto con nosotros para más detalles, incluso viajes a la medida:

  • Tours de ½ Día (Mañana 08: 30h-12: 30h): 80 € por persona (mínimo 2 personas, máximo 4)
  • Tours de 1 Día (08: 30h-18h): 160 € por persona (mínimo 2 personas, máximo 4)
  • Excursiones de 1 día en barco (08: 30h-18h): 260 € por persona (mínimo 2 personas, máximo 4)
  • Póngase en contacto con nosotros para promociones especiales y precios para grupos.

Visitas guiadas, entradas en áreas privadas o protegidas y seguro.
Uso gratuito de equipos ópticos (prismáticos y telescopio) y guías de campo.
Traslado de Aveiro a los puntos de observación.
Seguros y IVA.

All of our tours begin and end at the city of Aveiro. Our guided tour prices include pick-up and drop-off at specified times.
50% deposit of the total price is required to hold your space. If you reserve your tour within 15 days of departure, full payment is due with your reservation. We strongly recommend that you reserve your space early, as tours are limited in size and can fill quickly.

We accept bank transfer payments for:
Company: Natur Travel Lda.
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Please note that payment in full is due 15 days before tour departure. If you do not pay your final balance on time, we will consider your reservation cancelled and your deposit will be forfeited.

For written cancellations we apply the following rules:

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  • 7 days before start date, you will receive a 50% refund of the total price;
  • Fewer than 7 days before start date, there is no refund, but 25% of your payment may be applied to another tour departing within one year of the date your cancellation was received;
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We reserve the right to refuse participation to anyone prior to or during a trip if this individual’s behaviour might substantially interfere with the general enjoyment and well-being of other tour members. We reserve the right to modify tour itineraries. In the unlikely event that any Natur Travel trip is cancelled, all tour payments will be refunded in full and this will constitute full settlement. We are not responsible for any additional expenses such as non-refundable Advance Purchase airline tickets.
In all Natur Travel Trips trips, organized by Natur Travel Lda, each participant is covered by a legally required personal insurance by Liberty insurance company. It covers 3000 € and 3500€ of medical expenses (in Portugal and Rest of the world respectively) and 20.000€ in case of death or permanent injury.

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